How to Pack Books During the Home Removal Process?

Improperly packed books are the major reason for the accidental mess at the back of the moving Van during the home removal process. What is the correct way to pack books? Any individual planning rarely asks this question for a home removal process. If you are a true bibliophile, then there’s nothing more frustrating than ending up with ripped pages, water damage, torn covers and damaged leather bindings of your priced book collection.

 Surprisingly house removal is a stressful process for book lovers. To ensure that your books are handled properly, hire professional removals in Virginia water. They have the experience of packing books and will be able to shed proper light on the moving process.

Smart Tips of Packing Books in Boxes

Use Strong Cardboard Boxes

Use strong and durable cardboard boxes for packing books. A strong cardboard box will be able to carry the load of the books throughout the removal process without breaking down in between. It is always smart to choose a small box rather than a large one because the small box will be able to bear the load of all the books and can be handled easily by the removal experts.

Pack Books with Tissue or Packing Paper

If you are packing books for the home removal process, it is always good to pack them using either sleep covers or packing papers or tissue. This helps to ensure that the book’s cover doesn’t get damaged. Sometimes even after packing the books carefully into the boxes, there’s a chance of the same getting damaged due to water or moisture. Thus professional specialists for removals in Shepperton suggest customers use plastic coverings to protect the books from getting damaged.

Arrange Books in a Flat Order

Remember to always pack the books vertically, one the top of the Other to avoid mishaps. Depending on the size and the shape of the books, make sure to face the heavier ones at the bottom and the smaller and the light ones at the top in a vertical order. In this process, you will be able to stack many books in one single box.

Leave Gaps  Inboxes

It is always a wrong decision to overfill the box with books. This makes the job of the removal specialists difficult when they carry the boxes and stuff them at the back of the trucks. Thus, remember to leave an inch gap in between the books and the box cover. You can place old newspapers, clothes and towels on the top to keep the books stacked securely.

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