Logistics Group Services are v.a.t registered. All services and goods supplied will be subject to a 20% V.A.T charge.

The removal industry is very competitive and on occasion, the difference between getting a job or not can be as a result of the 20% V.A.T charge that we have to add.

But what does it tell you about the removal company that is V.A.T registered versus the removal company that is not? Why dealing with a V.A.T registered company should give you peace of mind!

This shows that it is an established company, that has been trading for some time and has reached the £85000 turnover V.A.T threshold.

Shows that it contributes to the economy and helps to pay for services we all use.

Domestic Removals

Office removals

Man and van hire

National Removals

Packing service

Furniture assembly

Storage Services

Furniture disposal

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